Quality Compliance

We are committed to our customers
CORPAP is a socially responsible corporation and is committed to environmentally sound practices.
We define quality as consistently meeting or exceeding customer expectations at every touchpoint
CORPAP will continue to develop partnerships with its vendors and customers so we may achieve our collective sustainability goals.
CORPAP is committed to the strategic use of the sustainable processes which are built into its corporate culture.
Our commitment to our clients is to provide practical, maintainable solutions in all areas of service.
We are continually investigating new ways to expand upon this commitment.

Keeping one's word
Relationship means confidence
In Quality: be sure to get the product you ordered and not another one
In Quantities: you got a factory to run, you cannot wait for a remainder to arrive
Price: a contract is a contract; if our supplier change its prices it is our problem.
Delivery: we promised it for next week so it will be next week, not next month.