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Konviktska, 24
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Global paper trading - Lots of paper

Corpap : Delivery, Customs and other Headaches

Corpap - Global paper trading

Quality Compliance - We are committed to our customers

Corpap - Global paper trading

Multiple locations : Czech republic, Belgium, France, Monaco...

Years of
About Our Company

We are committed to our customers

CORPAP is a socially responsible corporation and is committed to environmentally sound practices.
We define quality as consistently meeting or exceeding customer expectations at every touchpoint

  • our logistic base in Antwerp alow us to reach you in few days wherever you are on earth
  • We are used to deal with customs regulations and procedures from all over the world
  • Letters of credit, delivery against reimbursment, bank guarantee... You got a question regarding payment ? Contact Us, there is always a solution
About Our Company

History and men

Founded more than twenty five years ago in Prague for east-west trade paper purpose.
Originally commissioned by a Czech company, a major player in the local market, to find new oportunities in countries where it was not implemented.
Specializes in trading of Eastern European products toward Western Europe and Africa.
Gradually diversified into global paper trading between Europe and various countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.
Corpap has become over time a recognized player in international trade.


Our team


  • Skilled and recognized professionnal with more than 40 years of experience in paper trade
  • International manager of a paper mill in the Paris region
  • Trading specialist in North Africa and the Middle East
  • Recognized expertise in technical paper


  • International Trade Specialist
  • Responsible for financing solutions in a multinational company
  • Fluent in several languages including English, Russian and Italian


  • Competent support staff bringing their expertise in their areas of expertise
  • Logistics, inventory management and shipping
  • Administrative, obtaining certificates, customs documents
  • Quality and technical data control, checking the suitability of the factory certifications and the actual specs


Global paper trading

Multiple locations

Head office

Konviktska, 24  110 00 PRAGUE
Czech republic

Commercial office

8 avenue Auguste Rodin, 91250 Saint Germain les Corbeil

Logistics and wharehouse

Schouwkensstraat 4, 2030 Antwerp

Representative office

1 rue des Roses
98000 Monaco


Corpap - Global paper trading - Lots of paper

Discover all we have to offer

GC1 GC2GC1or2 ; GD1or2
White kraft thin or thick
Recycled/non-recycled thin kraft
White top

3 ply carbonless paper rolls Carbonless CB-CFB-CF
Thermal paper

Label paper
Baking paper


Jumbo wadding coils white and colourJumbo rolls of any type
Toilet paper
Towels and napkins
Facial tissue and handkerchief

waste paper2Used silicon coated paper
Printing company remains
Tissue bales - white/colour mixed
Kraft milk carton pre-consumer

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Konviktska, 24 110 00 PRAGUE
Czech republic

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